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March 10th Home Bout Recap

March 17, 2012

March 10th saw the Dolls bouting on unfamiliar territory: The South Shore Sirens’ regular practice space, Papakolea Community Development Center. The Papakolea track is somewhat shorter than regulation, giving the Sirens a slight homefield advantage, as it were. But it wasn’t just their track that won them the game. The Sirens played aggressively, looking for cracks in our wall, and when there were no cracks, they just charged right through. The give and take of strategy between the two teams is definitely apparent after this second bout.

For the first 6 jams, the Sirens managed to hold us, with the exception of Collide picking up 4 points in jam #3. She picked up a grand slam in jam #5, bringing us to 9 against their 15. A rocky start, though we certainly held our own, keeping the Sirens from scoring in jams #6 through #9. At the half, it was 41-94 Sirens, and the second period of the game showed the Dolls closing the gap by jam #13, with a 31 point difference. After a brief rain delay, we played the last 10 minutes as hard as we could, but in the end, the Sirens took the win, 188-113.

Hey, stats geeks! Soviette Suzette scored 37 points in 11 jams, 6 of which she took lead jammer. Collide scored 41 in 14 jams, 7 of which she was lead. Crysis scored 8 in 4 jams, taking lead twice. Trista scored 11 in 6 jams, also taking lead jammer twice. Pyro scored 8 in 4 jams, taking lead over Abomb in jam #17. Melee scored 8 in 3 jams, taking lead in the second to last jam vs. Abomb and calling it before either skater could pick up any points.

In terms of penalties, the Sirens played cleaner than they did in the season opener, and we kept it consistent with 15 trips to the box for the Sirens and 13 for the Diamond Dolls. Congrats to Lunatic Loocy and Faye Tality- you girls played a clean game with no majors OR minors!

Time to tighten it up for our next bout vs. the Sirens on April 28th at Palama Gym. We’re ready to get back on a regulation track!

Join us for our next fundraising scrimmage at the Coast Guard Hideaway, April 7th at 4:00 PM. Rude Chicks vs. Bad Eggs or something equally spring-y. We know you’re going to win the peeps eating contest.

Thanks to Jessika-Lyn Garcia and the Chaminade Newspress for the rad video. Check out that sunset!

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