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Catching up with the Dolls

March 19, 2013


We were so busy winning last season, we let our blog fall by the wayside! To recap: we won the season using strong teamwork, got cool championship rings and moved on to interleague play.


This season is just beginning for us! Pacific Roller Derby has added an additional home team, Tropic Thunder, who narrowly beat the South Shore Sirens in the 2013 season opener.


This Friday, the Dolls meet the Sirens on the track for the first time this year.


In the meantime, we’ve been training, bonding, SHOOTING AN EPISODE OF HAWAII FIVE-0, and doing hood rat shit with our friends.


Dolls waterslide

Come watch us play at the Palama Settlement Gym, 810 N. Vineyard, Honolulu. Doors at 7:30, Bout at 8. $5 advance via Brown Paper Tickets, $7 at the door. 12 and under free.


Diamond Dolls 2013 Promo

March 19, 2013

The Dolls are back! This Friday, March 22 2013, we take on the South Shore Sirens at Palama Settlement Gym.
Come out and see us!

March 10th Home Bout Recap

March 17, 2012

March 10th saw the Dolls bouting on unfamiliar territory: The South Shore Sirens’ regular practice space, Papakolea Community Development Center. The Papakolea track is somewhat shorter than regulation, giving the Sirens a slight homefield advantage, as it were. But it wasn’t just their track that won them the game. The Sirens played aggressively, looking for cracks in our wall, and when there were no cracks, they just charged right through. The give and take of strategy between the two teams is definitely apparent after this second bout.

For the first 6 jams, the Sirens managed to hold us, with the exception of Collide picking up 4 points in jam #3. She picked up a grand slam in jam #5, bringing us to 9 against their 15. A rocky start, though we certainly held our own, keeping the Sirens from scoring in jams #6 through #9. At the half, it was 41-94 Sirens, and the second period of the game showed the Dolls closing the gap by jam #13, with a 31 point difference. After a brief rain delay, we played the last 10 minutes as hard as we could, but in the end, the Sirens took the win, 188-113.

Hey, stats geeks! Soviette Suzette scored 37 points in 11 jams, 6 of which she took lead jammer. Collide scored 41 in 14 jams, 7 of which she was lead. Crysis scored 8 in 4 jams, taking lead twice. Trista scored 11 in 6 jams, also taking lead jammer twice. Pyro scored 8 in 4 jams, taking lead over Abomb in jam #17. Melee scored 8 in 3 jams, taking lead in the second to last jam vs. Abomb and calling it before either skater could pick up any points.

In terms of penalties, the Sirens played cleaner than they did in the season opener, and we kept it consistent with 15 trips to the box for the Sirens and 13 for the Diamond Dolls. Congrats to Lunatic Loocy and Faye Tality- you girls played a clean game with no majors OR minors!

Time to tighten it up for our next bout vs. the Sirens on April 28th at Palama Gym. We’re ready to get back on a regulation track!

Join us for our next fundraising scrimmage at the Coast Guard Hideaway, April 7th at 4:00 PM. Rude Chicks vs. Bad Eggs or something equally spring-y. We know you’re going to win the peeps eating contest.

Thanks to Jessika-Lyn Garcia and the Chaminade Newspress for the rad video. Check out that sunset!


February 20, 2012

Remember how we had our season opener yesterday afternoon?


Yep. That one. Our first bout as a team.


Guess what?

WE WON!!!!

Here’s what it looks like when we win a bout:


It was not a close bout until the end. The Sirens are a strong team, and they scored big in the first half. We were down at least 40 points until the last 30 minutes, when we strengthened our defense and started to close the gap. In the end, we won 98-96. Just two points. 2012 is anybody’s season. We hope every game will be this intense!

To everyone who came out to see us- thank you! Everyone was engaged, cheering, and seemed to have a good time, and we’re thankful for that. We hope to see you on Saturday when we play Okinawa in Hawaii Kai, and at many more bouts to come!




Tomorrow is a derby day!

February 18, 2012


Since the inception of the Diamond Dolls at Pacific Roller Derby’s first league meeting of the year, we’ve had 40 days to make helmets, welcome new skaters to the league, get uniforms, work on our team dynamic and spray paint exactly one unicorn and WE ARE READY! 

Come out to the season opener tomorrow. You’re rooting for us, naturally. Although we promise not to give you too much side eye if you’re a South Shore Sirens supporter. Get ready for the next step forward in Oahu derby- new teams, new venues, and intense competition. Pacific is stepping it up for 2012. 

We’ll see you all tomorrow at 2:00 at Palama… in the meantime, we recommend maximum volume.



It’s official! Pacific wants YOU!

January 23, 2012

Pacific Roller Derby will be holding a Non-Skating Official training on February 12th from 2-4 PM at the Palama Settlement Gym. Learn how to officiate a bout!

Ever wanted to be right smack in the middle of the action?

Non-Skating Officials are an integral part of the sport of flat-track roller derby. Without stats keepers, jam timers, points trackers, penalty timers, medics and track crew, our bouts would not be possible. Become a part of our NSO crew and join in the fun!

NSO Training

Palama Settlement Gym

810 N. Vineyard Blvd., Honolulu

Click here or email for more information.


Photo Credit: Brian Russo

E Komo Mai to the Jungle, Baby.

January 20, 2012

Leahi Diamond Dolls, you say?


I know. You were getting all pumped up for Pacific Roller Derby’s 2012 home season. You were dusting off your mustache and pulling your green body paint out of storage.

And now this.

You’re going to need A LOT more glitter.

The Diamond Dolls practice in Mililani and boast skaters from Waianae, Mililani, Pearl City, Aiea, Kapolei, Schofield, Makakilo, Ewa, and Pearl Harbor. Many of our skaters are also members of Pacific’s all-star team, The Hulagans. Several of our skaters are promising athletes who are brand new to the sport of roller derby.

Though our team theme is Glam Rock, unicorns, and shenanigans, we are all committed athletes focused on victory through teamwork.

Come to our season opener at the Palama Settlement Gym on Sunday, February 19th at 2:00 PM.

Look for the skaters in purple and silver. We’ll be posting “meet the skater” profiles prior to our first bout of the season. We may even be rolling out a new mascot. Follow us to candy mountain for adventure.